The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on Adulting

I’ve been brought up to be independant, like most of us are. From the moment I was able to I would be the one tying my shoes, when I was about seven I would have… View Post

10 Gifts for him this Christmas

ITS CHRISTMAAAASSS! I’m sorry to all of the scrooges out there who believe Christmas should be condensed into two weeks. Errm no, more like two months! Moving swiftly on, I thought I’d kick start my… View Post

What are you capable of?

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA on my blog lately but I’ve been working really hard on my “new endeavours” and I haven’t been able to write as much as I would want to. I’m… View Post

Christmas Giveaway

So this whole “give away” thing is new to me, but I wanted to do a special “Thank you/Christmas celebration” post and I wanted it to include a special Give away. I’m going to ignore… View Post

Radox Haul

After what happened on Wednesday with Trump becoming the President of the United States I think we are all in need of a little down time, to clear our minds of his poison. So lets… View Post