Favourite Fall Lipsticks

My weekend has been seriously busy doing all things Halloween, and then clearing up the rubbish tip that was my house on Sunday morning after a successful Halloween party, with about as much energy as… View Post

Halloween Party Prepping

With only five days to go or two if your like me and celebrating Halloween all weekend, I’m a bit late on delivering this post but I must say there’s nothing like a sprint to… View Post

A grateful moment

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20 things Women do that Men don’t know about

Photo by Makeup Savvy Ladies. There are some things we all know we do, that men don’t know about. This doesn’t mean we’re not as close with our partners or that we keep secrets from… View Post

Perfect Pamper evening

So I’ve wanted to do a post like this for a while now but wanted to get all the cute pictures to go with it, plus I haven’t actually hosted a pamper night for months,… View Post