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10 reasons I’m excited about Winter

10 reasons I’m excited about Winter

Winter is coming.

That famous line, spoken from the lips of the beautiful Kit Harington better known as John Snow. If you have no idea what I’m rambling on about you seriously need to catch up with the world of GOT (Game of Thrones). WATCH IT. You’ll never regret the hours you’ll spend on the sofa in front of the telly.

Anyway moving on from my love of GOT. I usually dread winter, the only thing I like about it is the fact that Christmas is slap bang in the middle and I LOVE Christmas. But this year something has changed, not quite sure what but I am super excited about winter and here’s why.


Of course Christmas is bound to be on the top of my list. I LOVE everything to do with Christmas. The songs, the lights, the family days, the hot chocolates, the mulled wine (yes I’m an adult now, I actually like a bit of mulled wine at Christmas time) the presents and of course the decorating of the Christmas tree. I wrap my self up in everything to do with Christmas, pardon the pun, in attempt to soak up all the Christmas joy… I think I’m beginning to sound like someone out of a corny Christmas film! Who cares, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! p.s I also love those corny films.



 Movie nights have to be one of the best things about it being so dam miserable outside. I love a good movie, weather that be a chick flick, an old classic or an action film, I love most genres. I don’t know when it came about but Jacks sister and I would always get together for a movie night every couple of weeks. We’d get all our chatting out the way (usually by Aimee doing my nails) then settle down with a hot chocolate, with all the trimmings of course, and a good film. We then decided to invite her mum along and it has now turned into a ‘thing’ that every now and again we get together and watch a classic film. Its brilliant.



 If you’ve been following my Pinterest lately you would of noticed I have been cultivating a bit of a fall fashion, wardrobe board. Its one of those boards where I wish everything would automatically turn up in my wardrobe. Even though its WAY too warm at the moment to be putting on those skinny jeans and over the knee boots and wrapping up in a gorgeous oversized coat, I am a weeny bit excited to start digging out those burgundy colours, big cosy jumpers (that hide all that extra winter stuffing) and strutting my stuff in those over the knee boots.




Along with Christmas, comes Christmas dinner with the girls, and plenty of Christmas get togethers. I can not wait. I’m looking into hosting a Christmas dinner with a few of my girlfriends, so stay tuned for sneak peaks of my plans. Nothing says Christmas like getting together with family and friends, having a few drinks and enjoying a good feast!


The hot chocolates. OH MY, if none of the above are getting you excited for winter let this one be the ultimate winter warmer. Who knew that so many people would start experimenting with hot chocolate as soon as the days start to shorten and the rain starts to poor. The flavours I’ve found on Pinterest just blow my mind! From the richest creamiest Italian hot chocolate to red velvet hot chocolate, the list is endless. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes out.



My favourite type of day has to be when its cold outside, the air is crisp but the sun is shining, so you wrap up warm and head out for a winter walk. Getting outdoors is rare in the winter months, especially when you live in England, as most of the time its raining. So when the sun does finally decide to shine I can’t wait to put on my cosy socks, wellies and my big oversized coat and head out for a crisp walk in the countryside.



I’ve never been one to make a fuss over New Years Eve, sure I love a party as much as the next person but I’ve never thought of it as marking the first day of  ‘a new me’ or ‘starting a fresh’. But this year I am especially excited as I’ll be spending it with some awesome friends in Budapest! First thing ticked off my bucket list. I’m super excited to be doing something a little different and exploring everything Budapest has to offer us.

Budapest, Hungary parliament at night


 One thing that I don’t enjoy about the hot weather is how sticky I get in bed, and I’m not divulging intimate sex stories with you here, I’m talking about how hot and sticky it can be at night, especially when you share your bed with a 6ft butch man, don’t worry I do know him. So those winter nights where you crawl into a cold bed and warm yourselves up by having a good snuggle are just heaven to me.


Comfort food. How could I write a list about what I’m looking forward to in winter without including a segment about FOOD. Winter stews, pies, roast dinners, blackberry crumbles, ginger bread men, chicken hot pot, butternut squash and parsnip soup, the list goes on. I love cooking and I’m so excited to create some delicious winter warmers for all my family and friends and hopefully share as many of the recipes with you guys too.



Long, candle lit, bubble baths. The type of baths you never want to leave, so you stay in until the bath water is so cold your skin starts to look like a hairless cat. The ones where the smell of the candles send you into such a deep relaxation you can barely hear the sound of your 27 year old boyfriend playing some stupid playstation game that involves more violence then an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. The type of baths that when you get out you feel so fresh and warm its like you’ve been at a spa for the weekend. Those are the type of baths I’m looking forward to.


I hope at least one of these things gets you in the mood for winter and instead of cursing the awful weather, enjoy all the winter months.

Let me know the type of things you love to do in winter.

Ta-ra for now



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