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10 Gifts for him this Christmas

10 Gifts for him this Christmas



I’m sorry to all of the scrooges out there who believe Christmas should be condensed into two weeks. Errm no, more like two months! Moving swiftly on, I thought I’d kick start my Christmas blog post with this awesome post about what to get your fella, or favourite male person in your life, for Christmas. Some of these things are fairly cheap and some I have splurged on, what a weird word, SPLURGED. Anyway lets get down to it.

*Disclaimer this is not a sponsored post, I just truly love all of the gifts I have brought and am going to purchase in the lead up to Christmas and wanted to share them with you lovely lot.

1.First up is a cosy jumper. If your “male friend” lets just say as its going to be so long and boring to write uncle,dad,boyfriend,brother,granddad, brother twice removed from your aunties cousins sister…. BLAH! So I will be referring to all males as “male friend”. Glad we’ve settle that. ANY HOO… I saw this jumper on eBay and thought it looked really cosy and cool and would suit my “male friend” brilliantly. I’m not a massive fan of all his jumpers he wears so trying to slowly update his wardrobe… Totally not controlling, just call me the “helpful Christmas fairy” Yes I love that name. You may think “eBay?” really, but when I say eBay don’t think second hand, there are plenty of well established shops on eBay now that are what I would say sometimes better quality then Primark. Don’t get me wrong I love a Primark haul as much as the next BUT its no Zara is it?

2.If you have a football fanatic “male friend” then this next gift is defiantly going to get you in their good books. Baring in mind I know the bare minimum about football, even after being with Jack two and a half years and him living and breathing football, but I have managed to find him what I hope are a pair of good quality football boots. How? I hear you ask. Make friends with his best mate and he will forever be your secret elf. Oh so many Christmas references I LOVE IT! Jack’s best mate is always so helpful when it comes to Christmas and birthday presents, he manages to subtly find out what Jack wants with out him suspecting a thing. I also wanted to go that extra mile and get them personalised which I got done in Sports Direct. Bring on the girlfriend points!

3.I’m not quite sure why but I haven’t yet gone a Christmas with out buying Jack some Ted Baker pants. Well maybe I do know why, they’re flipping sexy! So maybe not something to buy your granddad but they are always high on my list of Christmas gifts when it comes to Jack. I think they’re great for a stocking filler or even just a small gift. These beauties are good quality organic cotton and every year come out with some funky new styles. High five on the menswear Ted Baker (insert high five emoji here).


No need to thank me, consider it a hump day gift. *wink emoji*

4.In our house, or my mums, there has always been a tradition that we open one present on Christmas Eve. Ever since I can remember the present has always been pyjamas. What could be better then a cosy Christmas eve by the fire watching The Holiday in your brand new pyjamas? Nothing, that’s what. So after seeing Jack wear the same, slightly grotty, pyjama bottoms I decided to buy him a new pair. I picked these up from TK Maxx, and believe me when I say I will be borrowing them! They are SO soft and cosy, I tried to get a pair almost identical to his old ones as you know how men can be, a bit attached to those odd old items in their wardrobe.

5.I absolutely love this shop! Not on the high-street is my go to place for Christmas presents, they have some really unique gifts and is a brilliant place to go if you want something personalised. So as I’m getting Jack some new football boots, I thought it only made sense to get him a personalised boot bag as well, also really don’t want to be finding mud everywhere when I decided to clear out his gym bag. In a way its a gift for myself too.

6.If you’re looking to splash the cash a bit more then I would seriously recommend these MVMT watches. They range from about £76 to £128, personally I think the quality of all the watches are fantastic, I brought one for Jack a couple of years back and it is still in great condition. The more money you spend the funkier the design, plus the higher the “ATM”. Which means the pressure the watch can withstand at sea level without letting in water. So if your “male friend” is a keen swimmer then I would advise getting him a watch with 10 ‘ATM’.


7. We all know one of the best parts of Christmas is to stuff our faces full of food and sweet treats, so how about making your “male friend” a cute Christmas card/poem using all of his favourite sweets and chocolates. I’ve seen this idea loads on Pinterst and have never actually done it but this year I’m going to give it a go. I’ve collected all of Jacks favourite sweets and chocolates and I’m going to TRY, key word here, make a poem out of them. It will be a lot of effort but I think that is what makes Christmas so special, especially the present part because after all its all about the effort that person has gone to to think about what it is you would really want and about showing your loved ones just how special they are to you. *bucket please! make that a sparkly christmas one whilst your at it*.

8. Sometimes gifts don’t have to be material things, the bests gifts can often be a memory. Jack and I love watching stand up comedy and one of our favourite comedians is Jimmy Carr so I thought it would be fun to get two tickets to see him in the new year. As its a present for me too I’m going to say this gem is from Santa because who doesn’t love pretending they’re still a child and believe in people like Father Christmas, Elves and fairies?

9. If your “male friend” was heart broken when the BBC put a stop to TopGear and is now wallowing in self pity because he cant watch the new series “The Grand Tour” then why not make his year by gifting him a years subscription to amazon prime. It’s currently £79 per year or you could pay monthly at £7.99, either way I think its a pretty good deal for what is included. Amazon prime includes free two day shipping, you can get over one million ebooks for no extra cost, you can download your favourite movies and tv series to your phone or tablet and you can watch it without having to be connected to the wifi, AND much more. So whilst he’s watching the three baboons talk about cars for hours on end you can be enjoying a bit of Luther in the next room. Oh I seriously need to re-watch those series, I need Idris Elba back in my life.


10.If your “male friend” likes a good skin care product as much as you or you think they need to up their game when it comes to taking care of themselves then this gentleman’s pride aftershave balm is perfect. I have a fluffy faced man in my life and always thought that aftershave creams are pretty useless but actually they’re perfect for when your “male friend” does a quick trim and tidy up around the edges. I’m no man, or I wasn’t the last time I checked, but I’ve heard great things about this moisturiser, rich in Aloe Vera its super soothing and calms irritated skin.

So all there is to do now is sit back and count down the days until Christmas!

Ta-ra for now




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